HR/Labor Relations

Written individually – in English and Spanish to fit your Company’s needs and desires.

Human Resources Review
All policies, procedures, forms, personnel files, and postings are carefully examined to ascertain areas requiring attention. Provide daily HR support by telephone, email, and fax as necessary to management personnel to assist in HR related decisions.

Collective Bargaining
We have negotiated over 250 labor agreements in industries from manufacturing to retail to private clubs bargaining with all major unions at all times speaking for management.

Grievance and Arbitration Processing
Over 30 years of Grievance and Arbitration processing experience, including issues of discharge, seniority, contract interpretation, discrimination and holiday eligibility.

Union Avoidance
A success rate of over 90% with campaigns designed to win while maintaining Management credibility and operational effectiveness after the WIN.

Sexual Harassment Training – AB 1825
Over twenty years of Sexual Harassment training and investigation experience and a presentation designed specifically to provide management with 2 hours of interactive training as required by AB-1825 Reyes. Evening and Weekend training is available.